Discover Syria Rally 2011 will start from Damascus on the 4th of May oeganized by Syrian Automobile Club under patronage of Ministry of Tourism  

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Discovering Syria
For the Eighth year in a row, the Syrian Automobile Club is organizing the popular Discover Syria Rally, From Damascus the oldest inhabitant capital in the world to Lattakia the Syrian jewel of the Mediterranean then to Aleppo the capital of the north, before continuing to Palmyra the pearl of the east and capital of Queen Zenobia; you shall enjoy Syria the cradle of civilizations and store of human history.
The unparalleled success of Discover Syria Rally in the past and the
High public and official acclaim for the presentation of Syria's tourist treasures in a sportive competition that any person can participate in, The Syrian Automobile Club (FIA, CIK member), under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism, is organizing the Discover Syria Rally 2010 with a very rich and enjoyable program.
This event will include a great variety of the most important and historical, religious, and touristic sites, in addition to the green mountains and beautiful seashores, and mysterious sunny desert
This competition event in addition to the enjoyable driving and the entertainment program is a unique chance for individuals and families from all nationalities to better know Syria (the biggest small country in the world)

any group of no less than tow persons (driver and co-driver) with a valid driving license are eligible to participate in their private or rental car.
The participation in the rally does not require any special skills .It is based on adhering to the driving and safety rules, speed limits, knowledge of following the road book.
It is not based on high-speed skills.



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